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Nederman NEX DX Extraction Arm

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Product Details:

  • Nederman NEX DX is a Combustible dust extraction arm equipped with a double earth system and anti-static Polyurethane hose that prevent static electricity and sparks
  • Suitable for use in zone 21, 22 according to ATEX-work directive 1999/92/EC
  • Designed with encapsulated arm support mechanism and a separate easy to mount hose and a stainless steel hood means the NEX arm requires little maintenance and is easy to clean
  • The anti-static Polyurethane hose is Ø160mm that provided 900 to 1700 m3/h airflow
  • NEX DX arm is available in 2m, 3m, 4m, and 5m length and with or without airflow damper option
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