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Nederman 418/460 Vacuum Blaster

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Product Details:

  • Mobile abrasive blasting unit integrated with vacuum suction to extract dust and recover grit. Save costs from grit recovery and cleaning
  • Dust and blasting material is extracted back into the unit. Dust is filtered by the particle filter to 99.9% efficiency. Blasting material is collected and recycled. Extraction airflow at 360m3/h @ 42kPa
  • Mounted on a trolley with a grit separator, silo with an internal sieve, filling valve, efficient vacuum producer and compressed air filters
  • Equipped with a pneumatic control device for automatic filter cleaning, and a pneumatic valve at the silo to empty dust into a plastic bag
  • Vacuum Blaster is supplied with a 10m hose with a blasting and suction head. The capacity of the vacuum unit is determined by the blast pressure and the type of blasting abrasive used
  • Electric or Compressed-air powered unit with 18L or 60L blasting port:
    Vacuum Blaster 418E; 230V 50hz 1ph, 2.4kW with 18L blast-pot
    Vacuum Blaster 460E; 230V 50hz 1ph, 2.4kW with 60L blast-pot
    Vacuum Blaster 418A; Compressed air powered with 18L blast-pot
    Vacuum Blaster 460A; Compressed air powered with 60L blast-pot
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