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Nederman 950A EX Vacuum Cleaning System

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Product Details:

  • Heavy duty Stainless steel industrial vacuum unit is excellent for extracting hazardous and flammable liquid. ATEX approved equipment: EX II 2 GD c IIC T6
  • Designed for various cleaning and liquid pick-up operations, and for stripping cargo tanks and deep well sumps on-board tankers and product carriers
  • This system with a 950L storage tank is commonly connected to tank stripping pumps equipped with stripping pipe
  • To prevent overfilling of liquids, the container is equipped with a float ball that stops the suction when the container is full
  • All parts are anti-static and conductive to avoid static electricity loading
  • Supplied with suction a PVC hose with inbedded steel Helix, 7.5m x Ø51mm, and standard cleaning accessories
  • The 160L container is equipped with a bottom drain valve for quick and simple discharge of liquids. Can be fitted to diaphragm pump
  • Powered by 7 bar compressed air, 5.3 Nm3/min. Max airflow 318 m3/h @ -78kPa
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