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Nederman H20 / H30 Hose Reel

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Product Details:

  • Safe and functional retractable hose reel suitable for pneumatic tools and water gun staplers and blow guns
  • Robust design in high impact composite materials
  • Supplied with an easily mounted snap-on, pivoting wall bracket and a unique safety latch for safe and easy service
  • The hose reel has an optimized spring force, ensuring that the hose retracts smoothly and evenly onto the drum
  • 30800220 H20 Hosereel with 12m Ø1/4" hose; max 175 psi
    30800420 H20 Hosereel with 8m Ø5/16" hose; max 175 psi
    30800230 H30 Hosereel with 12m Ø5/16" hose; max 220 psi
    30800430 H30 Hosereel with 10m Ø3/8" hose; max 220 psi
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