Environment Protection, Portable Extraction Mobile Unit,


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Product Detials:

  • Portable fans are simple and powerful ventilation units for service, repairs and other temporary work
  • Ideal as an extractor for welding fumes, steam, dust or for providing fresh air during work in confined and enclosed spaces
  • A compact and easy-to-use fan which, in combination with inlet and outlet connections, makes a flexible and versatile unit with a wide range of applications
  • Supplied with on/off switch and motor protector, carry stand with handle (wheel set as accessory)
  • 14512221 Portable N16 Fan, 230V 1ph 50hz, 500-1200 m3/h, 15kg

  • 14512222 Portable N24 Fan, 230V 1ph 50hz, 500-1500 m3/h, 17kg

  • 14346590 Hose & Nozzle Kit for Portable Fan

  • 14371707 Wheel set for Portable Fan

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